Booking/Payment Terms


For Inbound and Outbound Tours

A 50% confirmation deposit is required upon confirmation of each tour. This deposit payment is used to pay confirmation deposits to the service providers detailed in your itinerary to secure bookings. The balance of the tour payment required 45 days prior to arrival.



For Activities

100 % cancellation fees will be charged for no shows and cancellation on the date of the tour.

Cancellations made within 24hrs of excursion.

 50% Cancellations will be charged for made within 48 hours of excursion.


No provisional booking is made for quotes. Quoted costs are subject to change at the time of booking as a result of, but not limited to: changes in government or other taxes, levies or regulations, availability, changes to planned itineraries due to unforeseen circumstances or any other influences beyond the control of the company. Accommodation and services are subject to availability at the time of booking, sometimes not in the preferred camp sequence. Should the accommodation of choice not be available, we will suggest alternative options within the style and budget of the original request. For the purposes of quoted prices, internal air transfers (flights) are deemed quoted at „seat rates‟ unless otherwise specified. Seat rate means any person or persons booked on a seat rate will travel with the chosen air charter company on a seat per plane rate.

This means the client will have a guaranteed seat on the given date although will have to depart from the camps at a time stipulated by the chosen air charter company. These times are only confirmed and available the day prior to travel and they will be communicated directly to your accommodation or agent the day prior to travel. On a seat rate the aircraft will have other passengers aboard from different camps and may fly to various camps prior to arriving at your destination. To ensure we keep the rate as low as possible we will always try and fill the aircraft to max allowable capacity. Passenger safety and comfort is always taken into consideration. It is the responsibility of the client during the quotation process, to advise the ages of any children travelling as this may restrict the accommodation options available and may affect the quoted price. Some properties may require that a private vehicle be booked for activities or that children below the age of 18 share with an adult. It is the responsibility of the client, during the quotation process and prior to confirmation, to advise of any pre-existing medical condition or illness as well as the nature of such conditions. Any omissions that result in additional cost will be for the client’s account.

It is the Client’s responsibility to consult with his/her medical practitioner regarding their participation in the tour and its associated activities and to attend to these conditions for the duration of the tour. It is the client’s responsibility to arrange from home any necessary prescribed medication and to carry this medication in their hand luggage for the duration of the tour. It is the responsibility of the client, during the quotation process and prior to confirmation, to be aware of any vaccination, passport, travelling with minors’ regulations, visa and insurance requirements and to timeously obtain the necessary documentation required for entry into any particular country. Any omissions or incorrect documentation that result in additional cost will be for the clients‟ account.

A minimum connection time of 2 - 3 hours should be allowed for international/regional flights, such as flights between Europe, Windhoek, Johannesburg, Victoria Falls, Maun, Cape Town etc. In such cases where the Company is requested to book international or regional scheduled/commercial flights, it is the responsibility of the Client, at the time of booking, to advise the full names and surnames of the travelers as per their passports. Any incorrect ticketing and resulting costs incurred because of incorrect information dissemination will be for the clients‟ account. 100% upfront payment is required prior to the issuing of tickets, and final price of tickets can only be guaranteed at the time of ticketing. Upon confirmation of a booking in writing, the company will request a list of information with respect of all travelers in order to correctly confirm the booking with the various suppliers. Upon confirmation of a booking in writing, our cancellation policy is effective immediately. It is the responsibility of the Client to check all travel documents supplied by the Company, including but not limited to: the itinerary details, travel vouchers, air ticket etc., to ensure all details are correct, and to be familiar with all inclusions and exclusions.