Kayak Sand Combo

Kayak Sand Combo

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Embark on the ultimate adventure with our Kayak and Sand Combo, seamlessly blending Eco-Kayaking at Pelican Point with a thrilling dune drive to the majestic Sandwich Harbour within the Namib Naukluft Park.

Our day begins at  office at Walvis Bay Waterfront, Boardwalk building at 7:45 am, where you'll meet your guide for an exhilarating kayaking expedition. From there, we'll transport you to Pelican Point, where you'll paddle alongside a vibrant seal colony and may even encounter playful dolphins if luck is on our side. Choose between single or double kayaks to suit your preference. By approximately 12:00 pm, we'll return, ready for the next leg of our journey.

Our exploration continues with a thrilling dune excursion to Sandwich Harbour, passing through expansive salt evaporation ponds and exploring the geological wonders of the Kuiseb River and Delta. Learn about the rich history of the Topnaar people who once inhabited this delta, while observing wildlife such as springbok grazing nearby. As we approach Sandwich Harbour, the landscape undergoes a transformative shift, offering breathtaking vistas. Depending on tidal and weather conditions, we'll access this Southern Africa gem by car or foot. 

En route back, immerse yourself in insights about the local flora and fauna, culminating in a visit to the exhilarating Roaring Dune for an adrenaline-pumping sandboarding experience.

Anticipate our return to Walvis Bay around 17h30, having enriched your day with unforgettable experiences and natural wonders.

Join us for a day filled with excitement and discovery along Namibia's spectacular coastline!


  • Morning 4x4 transfer to Pelican Point, Light Brunch
  • 4x4 transfer back to Walvis Bay Waterfront
  • Afternoon: Park permits, Light snack platter, beers, soft drinks, and sparkling wine.