Marine Dune Combo

Marine Dune Combo

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Experience the epitome of coastal bliss with our Marine Dune Day, a fusion of leisurely Atlantic Ocean cruising and exhilarating dune exploration.

Commencing at 08:30 am from our office at Walvis Bay Waterfront, Boardwalk building, our day unfolds with a captivating Catamaran Cruise starting promptly at 9:00 am. Delight in the spectacle of soaring pelicans, playful seals, ancient wrecks, and modern vessels, with the possibility of encountering the endemic Benguela dolphins and an array of marine life.

At 12:30, the adventure transitions to our Dune Drive tour, also departing from our office at Walvis Bay Waterfront. Here, you'll rendezvous with your guide and gear up for an afternoon of discovery. Our journey begins with a visit to the picturesque Walvis Bay Lagoon before venturing onward to the expansive salt evaporation ponds. Continuing our expedition, we navigate the historic Kuiseb Delta, steeped in the ancestral lore of the Topnaar people. Witness the indigenous wildlife, including graceful springboks, drawn to the delta's life-giving resources.

Access to Sandwich Harbour is subject to weather and tidal conditions. Should direct access be hindered, we offer a panoramic view from atop a dune, accompanied by a light lunch featuring, refreshments, and sparkling wine. Your guide will select a suitable spot based on weather conditions, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

Throughout the return journey, your guide will regale you with insights into the local flora and fauna, culminating in a visit to the iconic Roaring Dune of the Namib.

Anticipate a return to Walvis Bay around 17:30, with hearts full of memories from a day brimming with natural wonders and adventure.