Skeleton Coast Full Day Tour

Skeleton Coast Full Day Tour

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Set out on an unforgettable day excursion into the breathtaking landscapes of the Skeleton Coast Park, a journey filled with natural wonders and maritime history.

Your adventure commences with a scenic drive through Henties Bay, offering panoramic views of the rugged Namibian coastline. Along the way, pause at Cape Cross, where millions of Cape Fur Seals call home, creating a mesmerizing spectacle of life amidst the desolate shores.

Continue your journey through the enchanting lichen fields, where vibrant hues adorn the desert landscape, adding a surreal touch to the scenery. As you delve deeper into the wilderness, you'll arrive at the Skeleton Coast Park, a land of stark beauty and haunting allure.

Here, explore the remnants of maritime history with a visit to the South West Seal shipwreck, a poignant reminder of the treacherous waters that have claimed many vessels over the years. Marvel at the skeletal remains of this once majestic ship, now weathered by time and tide, as you ponder the tales of sailors and voyages long past.

Throughout the day, knowledgeable guides will illuminate the history and ecology of the region, offering insights into the unique ecosystem and its inhabitants.

From the bustling Cape Cross Seal Colony to the windswept shores of the Skeleton Coast Park, this day excursion promises an enriching exploration of Namibia's wild and untamed coastline.